elispon(╬Álispon) is a programming language of the Lisp family which is highly influenc...4 years
emacs.dMy ~/.emacs.d/ directory.8 days
fugitivefugitive is a blog engine running on top of git using its hooks to generate stat...8 months
myutilsA collection of useful scripts that are part of my daily workflow.8 months
repausrepaus is a Racket resource oriented micro-framework to create RESTful API.2 years
cgitA hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C.2 weeks
disseminWeb platform showing the articles written by researchers of an institution.8 weeks
mumaildir indexer/searcher + emacs mail client + guile bindings.40 hours
enredoENtanglement REdundancy Defense Op19 months
finjaFault INJection Analysis20 months
paioliPower Analysis Immunity by Offsetting Leakage Intensity20 months
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