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2012-07-18refactoring unwrapHEADmasterp4bl0
2012-07-18print vector in square bracketsp4bl0
2012-07-18vector->list and list->vector are lib rather than primitivesp4bl0
2012-05-19update stdlibp4bl0
2012-05-19rename size in length for stringp4bl0
2012-05-19add string->list primitivep4bl0
2012-05-19add vector->list and list->vector primitivesp4bl0
2012-05-13missing #includep4bl0
2012-05-13oops, missing src/vector.{c,h} filesp4bl0
2012-05-13length primitive now works with string and vector toop4bl0
2012-05-13add vector type and primitivep4bl0
2012-05-12refactoring primitivesp4bl0
2012-05-05add string->number and number->string primitivesp4bl0
2012-05-05add primitive abs and roundp4bl0
2012-05-05add string->symbol and symbol->string primitivesp4bl0
2012-05-05better object field accessp4bl0
2012-05-05fix lexical env usage in fexpr callp4bl0
2012-05-04fixed define (symbol was bound to () on error instead of not bound)p4bl0
2012-05-04defined a macro for realloc toop4bl0
2012-05-04even better %open-fexpr%p4bl0
2012-05-04better %open-fexpr%p4bl0
2012-05-03new read primitive + needed rearchitecture of project to have a better symbol...p4bl0
2012-05-03add scan primitivep4bl0
2012-04-30renamed print in write and display in printp4bl0
2012-04-30renaming parseExpression in parse, evalExpression in eval and printExpression...p4bl0
2012-04-30add print and display primitivesp4bl0
2012-04-30define can't overwrite anymore, new set primitive for thatp4bl0
2012-04-24removed logo + bugfix on - primitivep4bl0
2012-04-20reorganizing codep4bl0
2012-04-19add object? primitive predicate and type primitivep4bl0
2012-04-19add object (struct instance)p4bl0
2012-04-18struct can be of size zerop4bl0
2012-04-18not evaluating struct primitive's argumentsp4bl0
2012-04-18add struct primitivep4bl0
2012-04-18refactoring printerp4bl0
2012-04-18administrative refactoringp4bl0
2012-04-16symbol can now be random strings using #\| as delimiterp4bl0
2012-04-12renamed eq? in same?p4bl0
2012-04-12added primitive type characterp4bl0
2012-04-12new with version in stdlibp4bl0
2012-04-12fix nil printerp4bl0
2012-04-12apply is not a primitive anymorep4bl0
2012-04-12renamed ε in vaup4bl0
2012-04-12fix list bugp4bl0
2012-04-12fix new env lexicalityp4bl0
2012-03-29updated TODOp4bl0
2012-03-29add environment? primitive + small fixesp4bl0
2012-03-29now having an explicit NIL type + opaque, better environmentsp4bl0
2012-03-27add TODOp4bl0
2012-03-26use { } instead of < > in printer because since the < and > primitives it's p...p4bl0
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